The only fully Electronic Cruise Control available for VFR1200 series.

How does the Electronic Cruise Control works exactly?
This is an "interceptor" type device. It's intercepting and modulating "throttle by wire" or "ride by wire" signals. 

Basically it's fooling the ECU. It has the ability to be "switched off" when it's not needed - once switched off your 

motorcycle will ride completely stock . It is completely harmless to OEM systems.

Who can buy it?
Every owner of VFR1200F, VFR1200FD, VFR1200X and VFR1200XD.

However, this system can work with every throttle by wire system. If you have a motorcycle equipped with throttle

by wire system or you have a friend with one and you wish to have the cruise control - do not hesitate to contact us. 

We will be interested with EVERY model and therefore with expanding our offer.

How I can buy it?

Please feel free to contact us using the form below

What is in the kit:
  • Main module
  • Control switch
  • Wire harness
  • Installation Manual(printed on request, normally provided only per email)
  • Hardware like screws or brackets - depending on version. Always made form aluminum and stainless steel

Are there any different versions available?

Currently 4 versions are avaible:

  • FULL version for VFR1200
  • LITE version for VFR1200
  • FULL version for VFR1200X
  • LITE version for VFR1200X

What's the difference between versions?

FULL version is almost plug and play. It comes with 3 connectors for VFR and 2 connectors for VFRx. 

There are only 2 wires to solder in VFR DCT FULL version. VFRX FULL version requires you to solder 4 wires.

LITE version comes without any by-pass/intercept connectors - you will have to solder all 11 or 12 wires by yourself.

How much does it cost?

1850 PLN for FULL version for VFR1200X
1800 PLN for FULL version for VFR1200F

1550 PLN for LITE version for VFR1200X
1500 PLN for LITE version for VFR1200F

Square or rectangle push-button controller as standard. 3 button version 100 PLN more.

Normal shipping charges:

70 PLN - shipping within EU
100 PLN - shipping to US or CAN
130 PLN - shipping to AU and others

Basic safety functions:

  • Minimal engaging speed ~35 kph
  • Maximal engaging speed ~240 kph
  • Automatic disengagement under ~30kph
  • Automatic disengagement over ~250kph
  • Overshot and undershot margin of memorized speed: -75% and +150%

Example: memorized speed is 100 kph. If you accelerate manually (adjusting the throttle by hand) over 150 kph the system will disengage. 

If you decelerate under 75 kph the system will disengage as well

  • Acceleration with hand with rate above 10 km per second will disengage the system
  • The system will never open the throttle more than 40%
  • Over revving the engine abnormally – 50% rpm above of memorized speed
  • Pressing button no 1 – ON/OFF button will disengage the system
  • Pressing the clutch or brake lever or by switch to NEUTRAL or 1st gear (manual transmission only) will disengage the system
  • Pressing any button for more than 20 seconds will disengage the system
  • Any short circuit within the switch assembly and any drain above 50mA will disengage the system
  • Any module total power consumption above 250mA will disengage the system
  • Any vehicle voltage drop below 12V will disengage the system
  • The ECC monitors the brake signal. If the brake light bulb is burnt or there’s a problem with the signal or your LED rear lamp – the ECC will not work. 

What about the Warranty?

1 year warranty for all components excluding the switch mechanical damage and the normal wear of the switches.

Is there any Installation Manual?

You can download the pdf file below:

This contact form is for Cruise Control purposes only!

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